We provide only for you legal services quickly, simply and electronically

How it works?

For you to read this text means that you are already navigating through my app and for that I am very happy and thank you very much. You have already read my bio and you can find me on social media and specifically on FB, as
Νεφέλη Μακρυνικόλα Δικηγορικό Γραφείο and on Instagram as athenslawyergr.

After thirteen years of working and being involved in the legal science and after seven years of practicing law, I decided to create this online legal services platform because I believe wholeheartedly that a lawyer is needed every day by all and sundry people and that knowledge is truly freedom.

All of us, we all seek legal information when browsing the internet. The purpose of my platform is that the question you ask is answered based on your personal criteria, exclusively to you. You will feel confident and I will take responsibility for my answer.

Of course, the answers will be general, but they will carry my responsibility and will be directed exclusively to you. That will be the difference between choosing my platform and browsing the internet on your own.

You ask the questions and I answer... of course the answer will be immediate, viz within 24 hours, and your money will be refunded, should the question not be answered in that time frame. Your money will also be refunded in the unlikely event that I am unable to provide you with an answer, as well as if you ask something that is against my principles and/or the profession of law. The cost of the question is EUR 20 and the time spent on the answer is approximately 15 minutes.

Everyone can and should have a lawyer quickly and simply!