Your privacy is important for us!

Please take a look at our Privacy Policy and get informed about the way in which this platform that is integrated to, property of Nefeli Makrynikola, lawyer of Athens, based in Athens, having contact details 2114147362, email (henceforth 'platform' or 'we' or 'us' ), when acting as Processor, collects, saves, utilizes and processes in general your personal data when visiting, subscribing or using our platform website (from now on 'website'), as well as transacting with our platform.
This privacy policy also describes the procedure of using, sharing and protecting your personal data, your available options regarding your personal data, as well as our contact details.

1. Personal Data

'Personal data' refers to individual data, such as first and last name, postal address, email, phone etc. that identify or are able to identify you (hence forward as 'personal data' or 'data').

2. Personal Data Processing

Each and every action or sequence of actions executed, with or without using automated means, in personal or in sets of personal data, such as collection, registration, organization, structure, saving, adjustment or modification, retrieval, information seeking, use, transmission disclosure, dissemination or any other form of distribution, correlation or combination, restriction, deletion or destruction.

4. Mandatory Personal Data Disclosure

Personal Data disclosing might be indispensable in order that the defining objectives in this Privacy Policy be accomplished, but it may as well be optional. Obligatory personal data is pointed out by an asterisk (*). Refusing to provide the marked as necessary data on our website will hinder the main objective of collecting specific data, whilst causing the platform’s inability to provide its services.

5. Collected Data

We make sure to collect only absolutely necessary data, which is clear and suitable for its intended purpose. This data includes the following:
  • Mandatory: E-mail
  • Optional: First Name, Last Name, Phone Number.
  • Document copies provided to prove your age or identify yourselves , when required by law (such as ID Card or Academic Pass).
  • Payment info
  • Your own remarks and comments
In order to provide the best possible site experience, we collect technical information according to your network connection and your Browser, as well as your computer’s country and telephone code, websites displayed during your visit, advertisements you click on and any other keyword used during your visit. And finally, your social media username, when interacting through it, in order to allow us reply to your questions and comments.

6. Data Use Format

Our primary goal is to provide the best possible experience during your transactions. In order to achieve that, we need to gain full insight of you, combining collected Data. We can additionally retain your Data for a reasonable period of time, in order to fulfill our contractual obligations.
Contact: Our platform uses your Data to reply in Q&A's, refund requests and/or terminations. Information you may share, enables us to manage your requests and reply in the best way possible. In addition, we can keep a Q&A file, in order to be more responsive in any future contact between us. This file is kept based on legal obligations, our contractual obligations and our legitimate interest so that we provide you our best service possible and ameliorate our services based on your own personal experience.
Without your Data sharing, your request would not be met.

Information Disclosure About Our Services

With your consent, your personal and transaction Data, as well as your preferences will be utilized in order to keep you updated via email, Internet, phone and/or social media about us. You will be able to withdraw your consent at anytime. Lastly, the aforementioned Data will be used in order that you receive evaluation and survey requests for the purpose of improving our services.